All Natural Pet Store

Natural Alternatives. Peak Health For Pets.

Seeing your pet playful, happy and healthy is a great feeling, and Crown Hill Pet Supply wants to offer you help and support to keep them that way. We have served the Seattle, Washington, community since 1993, which gives us over two decades of experience in the area of holistic pet food & supplies.

We believe all dogs and cats benefit from holistic alternatives, and a natural pet diet does not need to be stressful or time consuming. We have created a “peak health program” built on a foundation of three ingredients: fish oil, digestive enzymes and nourishing, natural food.

Our food is free of dyes, fillers, preservatives and by-products. Omega fatty acids in fish oil contribute to healthy skin, heart and brain function; and enzymes are useful in treating several unpleasant conditions, including bad breath, gas and hairballs.

It is simple, and we think it is kind of fun, too. Scoop the food into a bowl, squirt the oil over the food, and sprinkle the enzymes on top. Give it a good stir and serve it to your pet.

We invite you to come explore our store and discuss the options with us. Let us work together to help your best friend reach peak health!